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Bespoke Budget

So often I am asked "how much is a ring?" and I just can't answer that with a figure, it's impossible, as you can imagine there is many factors to consider and that is why it is always so important to establish budget!

I want to make the process of having a bespoke piece made as easy and enjoyable as possible so please DO NOT feel awkward discussing your budget, it allows me to cater the piece to you!

When booking in for a design consultation it is good to have a clear idea of how much you want to spend. Knowing this means I will be able to establish which metal alloys to recommend and possibly which stones will work in the piece. For example if you have a budget around £400 for a gents wedding ring I would suggest 9ct gold rather than 18ct, meaning you are able to have the design you want but within your budget.

When it comes to stones it does become a little more difficult but there is always a solution. One way to bring down the price of a stone quite dramatically is to go for something slightly smaller, a millimetre difference can dramatically change the carat size of a stone making it more affordable. Say you wanted a 0.5ct diamond but it was just too expensive opting for 0.45ct stone will make all the difference and really it won't change the look of the ring that much.

Maybe you want a beautiful green sapphire but they are all a little out of reach possibly a tourmaline with a beautiful range of rich colour could be the perfect alternative. If you can compromise on one of these factors it can make all the difference!

You may think the best thing I can hear is "there is no budget" but it is quite the opposite! Those words fill me with dread and anxiety. Not knowing the limit makes the whole process more difficult, with no idea of what you WANT to spend, when the price is given you may think "oh no, not that much" which only leads to disappointment for you and quite frankly me too!

Being clear with the budget means I am able to be transparent about what I can offer you, meaning throughout the process everyone is reassured that they are getting the ring you both want and can afford which is being tailor made for you!

If you want to discuss a bespoke piece you can still get in touch even with the Covid-19 pandemic- all our consultations are currently being held remotely through email or video call. Hope to hear from you soon!

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