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Don't Get Worn Out

Updated: Mar 26, 2019

Of course you want to wear your beautiful jewellery as much as you can but overtime it will take its toll. Years of wear can cause shanks to become thin, settings loose claws and chain links can become brittle and worn. But you want to make sure you can give it the longest life you can which is why you should get your jewellery checked by a jeweller every few years.

An analogy I always refer to when discussing repairs is getting an MOT for your car- well the same can be said for your jewellery! The last thing you want is to loose the diamond from your engagement ring because:

1. That is a very special and sentimental thing


2. It will make the repair considerably more expensive.

If you are concerned about any of your jewellery or just want to make sure everything is okay then please do get in touch. I offer an extensive range of repairs from sizings, chain repairs and new settings. I love giving my clients the opportunity to wear their special and sentimental jewellery again.

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