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We are living in unprecedented times and don't we all know it. In the words of Akon "they won't let me out" but if I'm perfectly honest I don't want to go out. When the new restrictions came into play I felt reassured that we were finally going to put in real measures to try and slow the spread of this terrible virus.

With the prospect of 3 weeks of nothingness (possibly longer) it is a little overwhelming. I had hoped to continue to work but with the closures of our suppliers I have been forced to get a little more creative with how to fill my days. And I thought since most of us are in the same boat I thought I would share some of my ideas here!

First up, housework. I must say I'm no Mrs. Hinch but I am looking forward to getting through those jobs you just never have the time for in daily life. I mean maybe at the end of this 3 weeks I will have clean windows...probably not.

I did also want to try and improve my cooking and baking skills BUT since I can't really get to the shops and I didn't do a panic buy stock up of complete non essentials I suppose I'll be sticking to dinners from the freezers from days gone by. Theres also plenty of places that could do with a lick of paint and I have more than a couple of shelves to put up.

Now to the fun stuff, without any doubt one day will be completely dedicated to a Harry Potter marathon- if you haven't thought about adding this to your list, may I ask why?

I'm sure there will be there days of watching movies and lounging around but I would lalso like to get a little creative.

I've not had a period like this to get back to my sketchbooks since I was at art school, and I am feeling excited about revisiting old ideas and possibly coming up with some new designs. I miss getting lost in sketchbooks and letting having fun lead you!

It won't all be fun though. I am keen to get to work on some boring admin and working on my website and making plans for the future of Jane Harrison Jewellery. But most of all I am going to spend all day everyday with my two dogs, and they are very very happy about it, I promise!

I'd love to hear what you are planning with your lockdown- so get in touch and give me some ideas!

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