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Step Into My Office

Updated: Mar 24, 2019

Let me give you a little look at my home office, where I feel most comfortable and creative. The hub of day to day running of Jane Harrison Jewellery.

I am very lucky to have a space at home to escape the dirt and clutter of a jewellery workshop. This is where I reply to all your emails, create bespoke designs and plan my future as a self employed goldsmiths.

Much to the dismay of my husband, like my workshop my office can sometimes become cluttered with sketchbooks of potential collections, marketing materials and my packaging but I wouldn't have it any other way. Along with all my business gear I also have little personal touches to remind me that although I am working I am very much at home. One such thing is my little wall of artworks of my pets- I know I am the crazy dog lady. I also have photos from my wedding and other prints and signs that I just love and make it mine. With a small window that is always flooded with light (well when its sunny) and my bright orange couch it certainly brightens up my day when I have a day of admin ahead of me.

Not everything is just there to make the place look nice though. My white board has pride of place which keeps me organised, along with my notice board full of bespoke design and collection drawings.

But of course the space wouldn't be the same without the multiple dog beds and blankets, not that my dogs sleep in them they are either jumping up on my lap or sprawled out on my couch, but I don't mind!

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