• Jane Harrison

One of A Kind

Like magpies are attracted to shiny things jewellers are attracted to beautiful stones that will only exist once. Over the past couple of years I have been buying gemstones here and there that I kept thinking "I'll make something special with that" but in reality they end up in a box that I look at every so often and think oh I forgot about that. So I thought its about time I change that!

This year I will be creating one of a kind pieces with these stones. Every few months I will be revealing a new stone and design. These pieces will only be made once and will be completely unique. SO if you like it you have to act fast! I will make them available through both my social media and website.

I hope you guys are as excited as I am to see these designs come to life... and OH look here's the first one!

This is a beautiful green sapphire set in 9ct yellow gold minimalist design it is currently a size L but of course it can be sized. For more info please do get in touch.

So in the words on Beyonce If you like it...

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