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P o s t p o n e d

Well, its hard to know what the right thing to say is at a time like this. The uncertainty is overwhelming and that not knowing what the outcome will be for my business is anxiety inducing.

The impact of COVID-19 is being felt everywhere, it is unavoidable and I am having to adapt and change how I am working in the hope it can be overcome and at some point soon this will all be a horrible memory. (I need to have hope at least) For the time being I have had to postpone all face to face consultations and workshops, BUT I can still do them remotely through email/phone or if you so desire video call. Its a big adjustment as for me as much as my clients its great to try the pieces on and see how they feel but at the moment our health and safety has to come first! My online shop is also still open and I have a temporary workshop setup at home- where work will be limited but I will still be able to complete some jobs! Please, please bear with me at this time, I will do all that I can to complete orders but with the threat of my suppliers closing growing and the possibility of delivery services being limited I know that at some point in the coming days and weeks I may not be able to do so.

This period of uncertainty is going to be so difficult for us all but if we make an effort to support those less vulnerable then we have done something right! My thoughts are with the other small business' and the self employed, my thoughts are with the elderly and those more at risk who could lose their life to this and of course my thoughts and never-ending praise is to those still working to keep us alive, whether its wee Sandra at the checkout in Morrisons, or Jim delivering the food. But one group that I will never be more grateful of or in awe of are the NHS staff working themselves silly to look after us all! Thank you!

At the moment I am in self isolation as I did have very mild symptoms- to be honest I am putting it down to being that spring time cold you get wit the change of seasons but at this point I'm too much of an anxious person to take the risk to go to work. (my other work in a jewellery workshop, not Jane Harrison Jewellery) SO yeah if you can do anything to help me, please don't forget about me, please like my posts on instagram, interact with my stories, recommend me to a friend- I will be so appreciative of it all. 2020 was going to be the year I went out on my own, found my own premises and threw myself full time into Jane Harrison Jewellery but now all that is put on hold and I just have to try and make it through this!

Stay safe, be smart and all the best

Jane x

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