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Hi hello, It's me...

Updated: Mar 6, 2019

Here I am at my work bench working away on some jewellery creations.

I'm the girl that makes all this jewellery and I thought it would be nice for you to know more about me!

For those of you who are new around here, I'm Jane Harrison and I started my business Jane Harrison Jewellery ( I know very original) back in 2012 after graduating from Glasgow School of Art with a BA (Hons) in Silversmithing and Jewellery Design. Art school oh how I miss you. Anyway that was a long time ago, I'm 28 now, newly married and I have 2 dogs Luna and Brisby. If I meet you you can guarantee most of the conversation will revolve around them- sorry not sorry.


So what do you need to know? Well I am pretty much in love with Louis Theroux and watch his Weird Weekend series on repeat every other day, and if its not Louis its Ru Paul because you know- you better werk!

When I'm not doing that you can more than likely find me listening to Eurovision playlists of years gone by 2016 is a personal favourite. Its great to pop on in the background whilst working at the bench- it always seems quite motivational. But there's nothing I love more than heading out on a walk with my dogs and my husband, Stuart. I think our favourite spot is probably Mugdock park just outside Glasgow, its where we got engaged so it seems pretty special and the dogs love it obviously. We've actually recently taken up a new hobby which I am really enjoying but I think a lot of people say we are a bit old for it- skateboarding, I've never felt a feeling of terrified and excited at the same time until I learned how to turn just last week.

Luna and Brisby sleeping on the job.
Studio Dogs


After all this fun activities I love to come home and get under a blanket- I try to keep them for myself but guaranteed there isn't one in my house now that hasn't been commandeered by a dog, and up until last year I would more than certainly have a can of Irn Bru in hand but no such luck anymore. My husband is a delivery driver for Barrs and one of the main reasons for marrying him was to keep a stock of Irn Bru at all times and then right before we got married they changed the recipe, and my life will never be the same. To be honest its probably for the best as I was absolutely addicted! Now I'm cold turkey and trying to find something that quenches my thirst but as of yet nothing does.

I think thats probably all you need to know, if you like any of these same things I'm pretty sure we can be best pals! I hope you guys have enjoyed learning some obscure facts about me but more so I hope you enjoy my jewellery and maybe one day we can collaborate on creating a piece for you!

All the Best


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